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This is the page tells about my experience in music and playing the guitar.

I have alot of experience in music. I've been in chorus in school since 7th grade and this year I'm in select choir. I've also been playing guitar for roughly 2 years now, and am starting a band with my friend, Sam, who plays the drums and with help from his brother that is very talented at drums, singing, and guitar.

Currently, both me and my friend are looking for people interested in starting a band, so if you can sing, play bass, or guitar, then please contact me (my contact info it on the homepage or my friend sam, who you can contact by AIM-MusicMaan1239.

Playing sumthing...

Heres me playing guitar!

Heres me playing my Fender guitar. I have 3 guitars. The fender, A Sekova les pauls(basically a japanese less pauls and was my moms ,she let me use it first to learn to play before I got my new fender ,hers is an oldie but good), and a jet black with pearl inlay acoustic guitar. There are certain guitars and a drumset I am looking for. See my Contact me page 4 details and also if u need help with a song or somthing, cause I know lots of current day songs that I learn to play by ear, contact me.

Favorite bands/artist

my favorite bands are Green Day, System Of A Down, Slipknot, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, Weezer, Fallout Boy, Thrice, and Linkin Park

The bands/artist I have seen are: Green Day, Linkin Park, Korn, Snoop Dogg, The Used, Less Than Jake, and My Chemical Romance


heres sam on the drums

Nice beginner guitar for anyone

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Nice beginner drums, needs new heads after few months

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