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AR Halo gametypes and info

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DIY AR Halo gametypes and info

11/16-I may have to take this page off soon, because Microsoft is suing people for mentioning how to make any modds of any sort.

10/11-Hope anyones that has looked at this new page liked it. If anything doesn't work, or you need help, e mail me.

AR/how to make your own Halo 2 custom modded gametypes

Are you a fan of action replay, or do you know what it is? For those of you that don't know its basically a memory card that lets you save content from the internet including things like Halo gametypes and profiles for practically every game.
*ON THIS PAGE IS MY TUTORIAL FOR MAKING ACTION REPLAY GAMETYPES FOR HALO 2!*All I would like to say before we get started is please, do not modd in matchmaking and use this for other perposes besides fun custom games. Use at your own risk on XBL, but if you do use it, the chances are very low of getting banned as long as you do not use it in matchmaking or to download modded maps because modds in general have ruined the game.

STEP 1-First of all (after you have action replay and have it installed), go to this website and download the 3.50 trial version of WINRAR, if you don't already have it. I am almost positive it will not work with any other unzip program, but if it does, contact me.

STEP 2-Download the sav3r. This is the program you will need to make the modded Halo custom games. go to this site and scroll a little to the bottom and click on the free download and then it will bring you to the page with the free download. You can personally thank Fat kid, or Fatty Maghee, because there is NOWHERE else where you can get this!!!!!!! IF for any reason it doesn't work, or to thank the fat kid, IM him at ehwhattheheck . He has the download for it.

STEP 3-You will now need the gametype to modd. Go on Halo 2 and make a custom game or either slayer, CTF, Bomb, etc., all those types of games. once you make it and it saves go to your XBOX memory and put in your memory card. Go the the XBOX 's main memory and go to your Halo game that you saved. Select and and hit COPY and it will ask where you want to copy it to. Copy it to your AR memory card.

STEP 4-After you have your custom game on the memory card, plug it in and open your AR window. There will be the 3 windows, memory,PC database, and online saves, or somthing like that. Simply drag and drop your gametype, (or the whole folder with the gametype if theres no folder for Halo 2), to your pc database. Once its here, click and drag your gametype(not the whole folder just the gametype) to your desktop.

STEP 5-This next part looks complicated, but just follow along with the tutorial. THIS IS THE PART WHERE EVERYONE SCREWS UP!! Do NOT extract the files from the game, or it will not let you move it to the AR memory card and you will get that gay message. Simply right click your gametype and go to ''open with'' and then select 'WINRAR archiver'. Once you do this, you will have a window come up, showing ...., and a folder that says UDATA. Then click on all the main tan looking folders with the numbers and letters. Mine says 4D50043, or somthing like that. Click on that folder. Now another window will come up, and just click on the main tan folder, not the ..., the one with numbers in letters like the last one, and then you should eventually get to a page that has the titlemeta, the savemeta, and then the gametype you made. Either it will be Slayer, Bomb, CTF, etc. Click and drag this gametype to your desktop. It will appear that there is a copy of it. One in the window, and one in your desktop. Just exit your window.

STEP 6-Once you have your gametype on the desktop, open up your Sav3r program. When the window comes up just click on Sav3r until its open. NOW, go to file and open gametype, then go to your desktop and select your gametype. Once you do this, MAKE YOU GAMETPYE!:) To make the cool icons and to make it say peoples names and stuff, just go to the box on the right and double click on them, until it appears in the name of your game. It will be like [roadkill] or whatever you wanted it to be. Now select the options like time limits and weaponless stuff, and when your finally done, go to file and save gametype. It will appear that it didn't save, but it does. Now exit your sav3r.

STEP 7-The game you made and saved will be in your gametype on the desktop. Now go back into that UDATA folder, where you got your gametype from, and drag the gametype back into here. If it appears it doesn't, it really does(like if you still have an icon left from your desktop). Now close the folder with your UDATA and open up your AR. Drag your game into your memory card, and unless you did it wrong, it should work. Now go save it to your xbox and enjoy! Just make sure you make a new custom game whenever you want to make one, because if you use the same one on your computer, it will keep being overwrite. If you have questions, IM me a sedativechunk72, email me at, or send me a friend request at sedativechunk. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Plz don't modd in matchmaking, and only use this for FUN!

Use this for fun, not to modd in matchmaking!