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Forza Motorsports designs
DIY AR Halo gametypes and info

11/16-I softmodded my xbox and it completely broke, and now I can't get any of my cars back at all. EVERYTHING, all the cars on this page, all the other cars with my settings, and all the cars I got off other people online are completely gone! The only way I'll ever want to play Forza again is if I can fix my Xbox dashboard and sign back in.

I've been getting better and better at making the car designs look good so I wanted to make a page to post them all on and here they are. First I'd like to say I DONT TAKE CREDIT FOR OTHER PEOPLES WORK by copy and pasteing pictures, and I ask that no one attempts to re-create my own ideas. There are plenty of cool things out there to do your own designs on. HOWEVER I want to get into the idea of trading them for other designs and paying me for all the time I put into them... for real cash. It takes me hours to make good cars and I am saying 6 bucks a hour (because its not fun making the designs), and I'll either make a car for you, or I will sell you one of mine. Lets say my Halo Saleen was 3 hours, well thats 18 bucks, and it was VERY hard to make him, and for anyone that thinks its a dumb idea, I want to see you make one with a lowzy blocks and shapes(cuz 4 real, thats all you get!). There will also be ways for me to give or sell you the cars over AR or a disc, if I can't give you them over XBL. IM me at SeDaTiVeChUnK72 or send me a friend request at SedativeChunk on XBL.



Halo 2 Ford Mustang Saleen

This is it.. my best and most popular car. All of them are good but this is practically my best one. Its a Ford Mustang Saleen with Master Chief holding his BR, from the collectors edition halo box. I've made no copys of this car whatsover, but i can always make 1 if I want for a fee. I spend alot of time putting it together. The car took about 3 hours to make it look that good, Chief being 2 because I had to redo his head 3 times b4 I got it right.


Ghost Recon Chevrolet Corvette

This is my Ghost Recon 2 Corvette which took me about 2 1/2 hours to make(the letters were a pain 2 make). I have traded 1 copy of this car for a Mario Bros. Enzo. This was practically my first good design I did of a real thing.


Counter Strike Eagle Tiburon

Heres my Counter Strike Tiburon which took me like 35 minutes to make and the guy is really the only thing on it. I just made the guy after play a few games of counter strike and I though he would look cool on the hood. I just never got around to adding the letters tho. If I do, I'll post it.


Honda CRX

this is my Honda CRX. It has Master Chief from the cover of Halo 1 with his original armor. I only sold 1 copy of this car to a close friend and thats it. This car took me around 3 hours to make


Mortal Kombat Nissan Skyline

Here is my Mortal Kombat regular skiline which took me about and hour and a half to make. The dragon was the hardest part and I love the paint job. Raiden and scorpion are on the sides and the MK logo is on the roof.


Porshe Carrera GT

This is practically the only car I haven't done a video game on. I like doing vg's because of the cool logos but after seing a KISS car, I had to make one of my own rock car. This car had the Green Day trio on it, and the paint blends in perfect. This is also the only cool thing I could think of putting on a super car.


Dodge Stealth

This is my Stealth. I thought the solid black looked good on it, but I wanted somthing to put on it besides flames so I put Splinter Cell on the sides, hood, and back(not shown). I think it turned out better then most Splinter Cell Enzo's I see.