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*I've now redone my video games/clans and teams page. This page includes all of the information on my clans, gamertag(s),online play, and more.

This is my Gamercard for Xbox live, as I'm preparing to get my 360 on Tuesday:). I also have online names for Socom 2, Burnout 3, and Need For Speed Underground 2 on playstation, but I never play on there because of the horrible online service.

Clans and Teams

Halo 2-A N A L F U R Y

Forza Motorsports-Waste Managment TAG: WM

Rainbow Six 4-Waste Managment TAG:*WM*

These are the current clans I am in, in the 3 games I like to play clan matches in the most. Forza is the only 1 thats got anywhere, as for Rainbow Six, I was booted for no apparent reason, and in Halo, our clans constently come and go. Things are moving slow right now because of the excitment over 360 coming out soon, and no one cares about starting any good clans but I still do. If you want to start or join my clan(s), fill out this form for me please.

*if you have joined any of my clans, please fill out this quick form for me. If you want to join any of my clans, you can fill out this form as a second option to get in. I want to do this to keep track of whos in what clan, and eventually if the clan gets big enough, I would like to make multiple pages and put names and pics of all the members. So if your not in a steady clan, please join!

other clans/games

If you are already in 1 of my clans fill in the info, you gamertag, the clan of mine you have joined, and in the other clans/games, tell me some other games or clans you are in. If you want in the clan, put your current clan in the clan box, and the in the other clans/games option, tell me you want to join my clan and what game you want to do it in.

About the clans..

I want to be in a clan as a leader with people, and who I can lead. I would also like people who can have fun, and you can curse and make fun, but as long as it doesn't get carried away and as a legit clan, meaning no cheaters!!!! I don't respect people who are into cheating in a game that is suppose to be fun, and if you suck then don't play! One last thing is, I also like playing with people who are actually on. I swear, I am usually busy but some of these people don't even come on once a week to play. Its Boring and annoying as F***!!!!! then when they play, all they play is stupid Halo, and that game is really getting old.

And to play any other games, contact me. I play lots of other games. As for legit, I mean I want some nice people to play with who aren't going to cheat. I have 2 friends that modded, 1 got a permenant suspension, even though he only used it in custom games. Another, used it in matchmaking and got just a suspension. I want a cheap mod just to get cool stuff you can't normally do. Yes, I have AR and I know how to make the modded gametypes and other crazy things, but I never cheated in a real game against somebody.

If you want to start a team or just play in anything, contact me!